John Landis Masterclass 2022

in Film Directing

10th Edition | June 25th - July 7th 2022 | Bologna, Italy

Masterclass schedule

June 25th - July 3rd | Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival

Participation at the 36th edition of Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival / Cineteca di Bologna, one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world specializing in restored and classic cinema. More than 100.000 spectators from 50 countries each year attend the festival.Martin Scorsese inaugurated Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival 2018 and Francis Ford Coppola was a guest at Il Cinema Ritrovato 2019. The excitement generated by this festival has proven life-changing for past IFA students. The festival screens hundreds of films, holds forums on restoration, and seminars with world renowned film scholars and filmmakers.IFA considers it essential to combine the knowledge of the cinema of the past with the experiences of the present to help create the future of the moving image.

July 1st - July 7th | Masterclass in Film Directing

Masterclass in Film Directing led by John Landis, one of the world’s leading directors who will not only share his filmmaking experience/aesthetic, but also screen and critique your latest film, and lead you in your short film project. John Landis will mentor you through a total directing process from script to final edit.The Masterclass aims to develop filmmakers' auteurial identity using a mentoring process as a fundamental method, in order to give birth to each own individual esthetic. The personal poetics and aesthetics can only be communicated directly through dialogue and direct experience with the Master’s work. The master is first and foremost an artist.

Our mission

The International Filmmaking Academy brings together a select group of 20 emerging film directors and filmmakers from the world’s finest film schools to a 2 weeks summer program in Bologna, Italy. The Masterclass aims to help develop the young auteurs poetic identity under the supervision of some of the world's leading film auteurs.

IFA promotes the talents of each director in an environment of freedom and respect for individual cultures, with the goal of assisting in the formation of a new generation of film auteurs.IFA seeks to support the opportunities for lifelong networking from throughout the world.

Master Teachers

For the talented directors just starting their professional career, the possibility to come into direct contact with great film auteurs in a multicultural climate is invaluable and provides artistic life changing experiences.

We are proud to announce the International Filmmaking Academy's Master Teacher 2022: John Landis.Film director, comedian, screenwriter, actor, and producer. As a film director he is best known for the comedy films such as National Lampoon's Animal House (1978), The Blues Brothers (1980), An American Werewolf in London (1981), Trading Places (1983), Three Amigos (1986), Coming to America (1988).John Landis, among others, has worked with Paul Mc Cartney, David Bowie and Michael Jackson. He is best known for directing Michael Jackson's music videos "Thriller" (1983) and "Black or White" (1991), which popularized the use of "digital morphing" and raised the standard for state-of-the-art special effects in music videos. "Thriller" forever changed MTV and the concept of music videos and was inducted into the MVPA's Hall of Fame (1991).

For the talented graduate students just starting their professional career, the possibility to come into direct contact with great film auteurs in a multicultural climate is invaluable and provides artistic life changing experiences. Past Master Teachers – Bernardo Bertolucci (Italy), Abbas Kiarostami (Iran), Dani Menkin (Israel), Diao Yi Nan (China), Rob Nilsson (USA), Krzysztof Zanussi (Poland), Danis Tanovic (Bosnia- Erzegovina), Claudia Llosa (Peru), Bela Tarr (Hungary), Cristian Mungiu (Romania) – have expressed their enthusiasm for the goals of the IFA and their support in helping the IFA grow. 

Selection process

Selection process

The IFA Masterclass consists of 20 participants.IFA evaluates candidates' portfolios and CVs, and selects the 20 most creative, curious and intellectually brave talents. As IFA participants come from throughout the world, speaking many languages, the official language of the IFA Masterclass is English.If your school is not part of the IFA network, or you are an indipendent filmmaker, you can apply individually by sending a link of your film or short film to Admission.


Bologna is a city of about 380.000 of which over 80.000 are students studying in the most ancient university in the Western world founded in 1088. It is also the first university in the world to employ women faculty. Bologna is a youthful city full of night life, jazz, cafes, and some of the best cuisine in the world.

International Filmmaking Academy

The International Filmmaking Academy is a non-profit cultural association established on December 2012 in Bologna, Italy by Gian Vittorio Baldi and the 15 Founding Members Universities from: Brazil - San Paolo Film School ECA, Belgium - RITS Film School Brussels, Canada - Concordia University Montréal, China - Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts School of Film and Television, Czech Republic - FAMU Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts Prague, France - ENS Louis-Lumiere Film School Paris, India - Annapurna International School of Film & Media Hyderabad, Ireland - Huston School of Film & Digital Media Galway, Israel - Tel Aviv University, Portugal - The Lisbon Theatre and Film School, Russia - The Moscow Film School, South Korea - Yong In University Seoul, Sweden - Valand Film Academy, University of Gothenburg, United Kingdom - The London Film Academy LFA and USA - Syracuse University New York.

Past Master Teachers

Past Master Teachers – Bernardo Bertolucci (Italy), Abbas Kiarostami (Iran), Dani Menkin (Israel), Diao Yi Nan (China), Rob Nilsson (USA), Krzysztof Zanussi (Poland), Danis Tanovic (Bosnia- Erzegovina), Claudia Llosa (Peru), Bela Tarr (Hungary), Cristian Mungiu (Romania) and Jane Campion (New Zealand)– have expressed their enthusiasm for the goals of the IFA and their support in helping the IFA grow.