“You will learn a lot on cinema and also on yourself as a filmmaker. The IFA's workshop is a life-changing experience that I'm very proud to put on my CV.”

Dominic Poliquin Lasnier IFA student 2014 - MFA Film Candidate Concordia University Montréal (Canada)



“The Bologna Summer Workshop is a great opportunity to experience cinema both past and present. Il Cinema Ritrovato is an enlightening experience that allows you to see where film has come from and apply that to your workshops with the visiting directors. It is a unique experience to work so closely with accomplished filmmakers learning their approach to the craft and challenging yourself in the exercises they assign. On top of the film aspect you will enjoy the beautiful city of Bologna as well as build friendships and connections with the incredible people who participate in this workshop both students and instructors alike.”

Paul Capotosto IFA student 2014 - MFA Film Candidate Syracuse University NY (USA)


“The Bologna Summer Workshop is a unique opportunity to meet talented students from all over the world. It is a possibility to discuss your own work with great film professionals. It is also a chance to shoot short films in a beautiful city of Bologna, I enjoyed it very much. The feedback from the professional directors inspires me up to these days during my shootings.”

Pavel Ruzyak IFA student 2014 - MFA Film Candidate FAMU Prague (Czech Republic)



“IFA is an inspiring immersive program that provides a rare opportunity: to form lasting connections with peers from other international film schools and learn close up from the world's leading filmmakers. The beautiful and rich backdrop of Bologna and Il Cinema Ritrovato festival adds immeasurably to this experience as well.”

Emma Piper-Burket IFA student 2014 - MFA Film Candidate FAMU Prague (Czech Republic)



“There was a lot of learning over the three weeks! The workshop was divided into one week of Bologna Film Festival Il Cinema Ritrovato organized by Cineteca di Bologna and two weeks of workshop with the Master Teachers. Especially the night screenings in the main city square, Piazza Maggiore - sometimes with an entire orchestra or just with one pianist for the silent films - was a stunning experience! Further, getting the opportunity to interact with legendary filmmakers was another outstanding experience. We stand on the shoulders of giants like them.
Also, being friends with, and knowing persons who come from a completely different cultural background in itself is a fascinating experience. I had the privilege of knowing twelve very different personalities in Bologna. The amount of learning I got through this experience was quite unique and it's something which will stay with me forever. And besides films... Bologna is all about music, authentic Italian “dolce vita” and incredible food. While we worked on varied assignments, we also had the opportunity to explore the city and the culture and the three-week session ended with a gala dinner, gelatos and lots of hugs! Bonds were created which I hope will last a lifetime.”

Varungirish Chaphekar IFA student 2014 - MFA Film Candidate Annapurna International School of Film + Media Hyderabad (India)