International Filmmaking Academytogether with filmmakers from throughout the worldinvites you to take part ina worldwide filmmaking documentary


While the pandemic grows and evolves, it is critically important that the human community understands how it is affecting us, and how we may learn lessons for the future from this. International Filmmaking Academy, in collaboration with the Cineteca di Bologna and DOC - COM, invite you to shoot a personal diary and tell us of your own experience as a witness to this historical moment.Send us your video ( 5 / 10 minutes) that expresses through your creative filmic vision, your cultural frame, your home town and your country, your experience, emotions and thoughts about this period. We will insert your stories in a worldwide collective diary that will be screened during the Il Cinema Ritrovato film festival, organised by Cineteca di Bologna, a true paradise for cinephiles and one of the world's most important festivals for restored cinema. Our collective documentary will be also screened through the IFA website and our online network.

Three of you will be selected to take part in the International Filmmaking Academy workshop and will have a chance to shoot your short movie under the guidance of a great film director Mr. John Landis, IFA Master Teacher 2020.
During the hard days of the "red zone", in Italy, musicians from the whole country at 6 pm played out of their balconies and windows to the neighbors who were singing and dancing, to express their solidarity and Italian spirit.


Deadline: May 20th 2020Duration: 5 - 10 minutesFormat 16/9Language: Mother tongue with English subtitlesSend your documentary to:

An opportunity for change has arrivedlet's rethink togetherthe consequences of our choices