IFA Founder, President and IFA Master Teacher was an italian film director and producer who won over 100 prestigious awards, including two Golden Lions at the Venice Film Festival, the Silver Ribbon and the Golden Grolla Award. At the Sao Paulo International Film Festival he received the Humanidade Award (2009).

One of the most daring and tireless protagonists of Italian cinema.

La Repubblica

One of the most daring and tireless protagonists of Italian cinema.

La Repubblica

As author he directed eight features including the heralded FUOCO! cited by german critics at the 2003 Berlin Film Festival as one of the five best film in the history of italian cinema in the 1960s and 1970s.

IFA Board of Directors are determined to continue Gian Vittorio's last dream and his poetic and cultural heritage to develop the students poetic and auteurial identity with the goal of helping to form the new generation of film auteurs.


He produced more then 200 shorts and twenty-eight movies included the Pier Paolo Pasolini Notes Towards an African Orestes and Pigsty, Jean-Marie Straub The Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach, Jean-Luc Godard Wind From the East, Robert Bresson Four Nights of a Dreamer. He has also worked on projects with Bernardo Bertolucci, Glauber Rocha, Gabriel García Márquez, Marguerite Duras, Jorge Luis Borges and Carl Theodor Dreyer.


The importance of Baldi’s work is widely recognized for having adopted revolutionary solutions in making and producing films. He is acknowledged as the first to have used live sound mixing in Italy shortly after World War II.

His short films constitute a transition from the documentary to filmed drama. He was the first in Italy to shoot a feature film in l6mm, revolutionizing all previous production schedule by completing shooting in just fourteen days.

In 1953 he wrote his Manifesto, which he entitled Theme and Dictation, and to which he has remained fundamentally faithful to this day: live sound mixing, hand-held camera, natural lighting, no manipulative editing, actors to be seen as models, no musical soundtrack, filming to follow the time sequence of the plot.
Baldi has also occupied himself with writing, painting and wine making. Gian Vittorio was one of the first to produce wine of superior quality in Emilia-Romagna working with renowned French wine makers and university researchers from Alma Mater di Bologna. He created the prestigious Ronchi of Castelluccio, that in over 30 years has inspired more than 200 wineries in the area. His last film as director was The Sky Above Me shot in Brazil (2012).