Are you a talented filmmaker?


IFA workshop aims to develop the students' poetic and auteurial identity and helps to form a new generation of film authors.


The International Filmmaking Academy brings together a select group of talented filmmakers and filmmaking students from the world's finest film schools to a summer program in Bologna, Italy, in a master class taught by some of the world's leading filmmakers.


To promote each filmmaker’s own talent in an environment of freedom and respect for one another’s culture with the goal of helping to form the new generation of film auteurs and provide lifelong networking with fellow students from throughout the world.


Prestigious film directors will lead the participants in a journey through the experience of a filmmaking and virtual reality workshops.

A life changing experience


Come to Bologna, Italy, to learn from the world's most influential film directors, like Ruben Östlund, Jane Campion, John Landis and many more.

Master Teachers


Participation in a cinematic paradise and one of the most important festival in the world for the restored cinema at Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival/ Cineteca di Bologna

Masterclass in Film Directing with Ruben Östlund, one of world's leading directors.

Bela Tarr’s Masterclass


Explore IFA's workshop with one of the most influential world film authors, Béla Tarr